Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things that annoy me:

1.Grammatical errors.
2. PeOpLe who talkkk liiiiike this;;; jkkkk ilyy.
3. Girls who squeal like orks/like Justin Bieber/think they are too cool to like Star Wars or anything lame that I like.
4. Girls in general, pretty much.
5. Teenagers who believe they are in love with every relationship they get themselves in.
6. Those fucking annoying birds who wake me up every day at unbearable hours.
7. The trolls that always say, "I dunno... can you?" when you ask them if you can use the restroom.
8. People who text passionately to the point that they have no idea what's happening in real life.
9. People who can't spell/think they know everything/eat loudly.
10. When somebody asks me for advice, and then proceed to argue with me once I give it to them.
11. Pricks who wear their sunglasses inside. I mean, really? Who are you fooling?
12. When I take a lot of good pictures only to discover that the memory card wasn't in.
13. Unfunny people who laugh at their own jokes.
14. Religious fanatics of any type.
15. Children.

Anyways. I know I already have a post like this, but I just get annoyed so easily! That's enough ranting. (:
Tonight was wonderful. I officially met a really interesting person named Noah. And, well, I dunno.
I'm sort of happy, and really excited to go to Ventura next week. I imagine I will be getting zero sleep tonight.

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